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Holiday Gifts for Pipe Smokers

Brought to you by Pipes and Pleasures!

Gift Set 1: White Christmas

Our Pearl Christmas set is inspired by the white Christmas we all hope for here at Pipes and Pleasures. These two items were also paired with the ladies in mind. The pipe is a beautiful S&R briar with a more delicate bowl and a pearl-finish lucite stem. Handcrafted by Rosewithe - the "R" in S&R - right here in Central Ohio. The lighter is the Vector Venus in White Pearl finish. We like these Vector lighters for pipes because of their soft flame when lighting fine pipe tobaccos.

White Christmas may be purchased at Pipes and Pleasures for $145.95.

Gift Set 2: FootBowl!

We call this holiday gift set - Footbowl! The pipe is a rustic Savinelli with football laces carved into the briar. The bottom of the bowl is flat so it sits nice on the tabletop. Savinelli pipes, of course, come with a lifetime guarantee. We paired the Savinelli with a Vector Pipe Lighter. A Vector Elio to be exact, this tool features a 45 degree soft flame and finished in chrome satin. Finally, what pipe smoker doesn't keep a little Captain in the cupboard? There are three Captain Black 1.5 oz packages of tobacco in Orginal, Black and Cherry flavors.

FootBowl may be purchased at Pipes and Pleasures for $179.95.

Gift Set 3: Christmas Cheer

This gift set is one of our favorites because it features three things new to Pipes and Pleasures for the holidays. While we usually start with the pipe, for this one, we'll start with the tobacco - because some of our pipe smokers wait all year for this one. McClelland Tobacco Company's Christmas Cheer Pipe Tobacco comes in a 3.53 oz tin. This annual favorite is a limited edition and handblended from premium pressed Virginia flake pipe tobaccos. The pipe is a classic briar birdseye with a quarter-bent stem and stamped with the Pipes and Pleasures label. Finally, the ashtray is another classic from Stinky Cigar company. Notice the "Pipe Knocker" pre-installed in this tall, fire-engine red powder coated master of the ash.

Christmas Cheer may be purchased at Pipes and Pleasures for $145.95.

Gift Set 4: Lunch Pail

Have you got a guy in your life that gets up every day and carries his lunch pail to work? Maybe he'd like one of these Pipes and Pleasures lunch boxes! This gift set starts with a classy apple-bowl S&R pipe. This pipe handcrafted right here in Central Ohio has a quarter-bent emerald green stem. The lighter is a Vector Pipe Lighter with 45 degree side flame. It has a mahogany lacquer finish and even sports a built-in, removable pipe tool. Finally, we put together a 'lunch box' with one ounce each of Black Treasure, Sailor's Delight and Pipe Dream house pipe tobaccos from Pipes and Pleasures. These are such favorites of our customers that we ship them all over the U.S. and Canada.

Lunch Pail may be purchased at Pipes and Pleasures for $169.95.

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